It has been a big secret we have kept close to our chests for weeks but we can finally announce that 7th Heaven has officially remixed Cher’s epic new single ‘DJ Play A Christmas Song’ for Warner.

It is, as you’d expect, a super-anthemic pop mix, perfect for all commercial DJs, Cher fans and 7th Heaven supporters. Jon Dixon doing what he does best – taking an already superb pop production and making it a peak-time roof-raising floor-filler. 25 years after he produced the legendary Almighty remix of ‘Believe’ it was fantastic that he was asked to remix ‘DJ Play A Christmas Song’. It received a big thumbs up from everyone in the Warner/Cher camp, which we were delighted about.

No release details yet but we imagine sometime in November.

‘DJ Play A Christmas Song’ is the first single from Cher’s new album ‘Christmas’, out now.