Thanks, Marcella, for sending us the press release for Marcella Detroit ‘Alien To Me’, due for release on most digital platforms on Monday, August 2nd. We’re excited for everyone to hear this remix.

Marcella Detroit [formerly of Shakespears Sister] is releasing her exciting new single entitled ‘Alien 2 Me’ – finding her collaborating with world-renowned remix and production team, the sensational 7th Heaven, who have produced remixes for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande, Cher, Steps, Erasure and more. The single is scheduled to be released August 2nd, 2021. This collaboration came about completely by chance through mutual friends and the result is EPIC and is deemed to be a dance floor anthem. The remix is due to be promoted shortly to UK DJs, via Poparazzi/Power.All songs on her upcoming album entitled ‘Gold’ were written during the pandemic. She says, ‘Alien 2 Me’ is a commentary on the lack of love I’m seeing in our society today. If there are any aliens out there, please come take me with you! 👽

Marcella Detroit ‘Alien To Me’ is released on Make Zee Records, August 2nd 2021.