The forthcoming CD and vinyl release, Various Artists ‘Mirrorball Anthems’, coming in May 2024 on Pumpin’ UK Media, is a glorious album celebrating the golden age of disco. It will be available for pre-order soon on transparent 12″ vinyl in gloss discobag, super-deluxe double CD and limited mixed CD in card wallet.

Many of the tracks on this album were cult disco hits in 70s/80s gay clubs, a fair few becoming huge crossover international hits. The eye-catching artwork pays homage to those hedonistic days.

The project plot given to 7th Heaven’s Jon Dixon was very clear from executive producer Ross Alexander, to keep all the magic of the originals but to give them a contemporary sound, so they can be played by DJs today. Jon set to work on each track and meticulously crafted each song to this exact spec. Jon took charge of playing most instruments but felt real percussions and real sax were needed to really authenticate these classics.

Jon has throroughly enjoyed working on this project. It has been a labour of love. His deliciously polished production is evident with every track. It is him doing his 7th Heaven Mirrorball Disco sound – a style he very much enjoys producing. When 7th Heaven launched in the mid 00s, the 7th Heaven Mirrorball sound was heard on several of the first projects remixed.

Ross has put heart and soul into the planning of this exciting album. Choosing the artists was easy but selecting the songs proved more difficult. As the project is intended as a homage to the 70s/80s gay clubbing scene, that made the selection more straightforward. Not only is it a great selection of disco classics it’s a brilliant collection of all-time gay anthems.

This international project features artists from the USA, Debby Holiday. From Australia, Mary Kiani and Carina Grace (The Divine Divas). From the UK, Nicki French, Bianca Kinane, Katherine Ellis, Jennifer Jamieson, La Voix, Suzanna Dee, Angie Brown and Ross Alexander. In addition, tracks from Kelly Marie, Liquid Gold and 7th Heaven ft. Polina Griffith are exclusively licensed to add the final sparkle to this fabulous album.

Presale and release dates will be announced shortly, alongside the track listing. This album will only be available to purchase from To clarify, the plan is to release the physical formats months ahead of a digital release.