For the last 2 years DJ/producer/remixer Ross Alexander has been putting together (and self-financing) his first solo album project. Jon and Andy were thrilled to be involved with the song selection and production of many of the tracks. That album, titled ‘Glitter & Twisted’, is now available to order through PledgeMusic, in various formats – CD, vinyl, download etc. The album features brilliant reworks of 80s pop classics such as ‘(Keep Feeling) Fascination’, ‘Obsession’, ‘Kiss Me’, ‘Doctor Doctor, ‘Don’t Tell Me’, ‘Deeply Diippy’, ‘Safety Dance’, ‘Brand New Lover’ and more, produced either by 7th Heaven’s pop alias StarLab or the fabulous Matt Pop. It really is a fantastic project. A labour of love for Ross and something I know he is incredibly proud of. On behalf of all involved, we’d like to ask you, please, to support this exciting project by ordering one (or more) of the formats – see the link below.

you can catch Ross performing a showcase of songs featured on ‘Glitter & Twisted’ at the album’s official London launch party at ANTHEM – OLD SKOOL REUNION: Hi-NRG event at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on 9th February 2018.